Corporate Physiotherapy

Corporate Physiotherapy is access to a Physiotherapist at your office, which makes Physiotherapy treatment accessible for employees and staff. It is viewed as an early intervention strategy for injuries and symptoms which aim to result in:

  • Quicker recovery from injuries,
  • Maintenance of employees in their working environment,
  • Improvement of health and well-being, and
  • Enhanced work productivity and efficiency

Benefits of Corporate Physiotherapy

Functional Health offer tailored Physiotherapy to staff and employers at their place of work. Onsite Physiotherapy can have a practical benefit for both staff and employer.

Benefits to staff

  • Provides accessibility to treatment
  • Saves time visiting a Physiotherapy practice to address injury concerns
  • Enhanced health and wellbeing
  • Quicker recovery from injuries and return to normal work duties

Benefits to employers

  • Provides accessibility to treatment
  • Effectively reduces the cost of injuries in the workplace through early intervention
  • Reducing employees’ time spent away from work
  • Reduction in WorkCover claims

Functional Health Corporate Physiotherapy

Functional Health Corporate Physiotherapy is aimed at educating staff and employees about their injury concerns, and self-management strategies which has the objective of reducing dependence on manual treatment from Physiotherapists. Providing Physiotherapy in staff/employer’s place of work can help gain a greater understanding of the work environment and the physical demands placed on the staff/employer while at work. This can allow further tailoring of treatment taking into account specific injuries, time constraints and activity outside of work.

Organising Corporate Physiotherapy services

Functional Health Corporate Physiotherapy services:

  • Service area in and around the Gold Coast area
  • Provision of a Physiotherapist to your office at an hourly rate (minimum 2 hour booking)
  • Minimum 2 weeks’ notice required to schedule bookings

For enquiries about our Corporate Physiotherapy services for your company or place of work, please contact our office at: (07) 5529 2777

(07) 5529 2777