Golf Fitness

The MedX Core System has been utilised worldwide and is endorsed by Butch Harmon, one of the world’s top ranked golf instructors. The Functional Health Golf Performance System utilises our MedX technologically advanced exercise equipment. We provide the complete performance enhancement system with one-on-one supervision.

“ To play at the top level takes, strength, flexibility and endurance”
Tiger Woods

Benefits of the Golf Fitness program


Distance = Club Head Speed (Every added MPH of club head speed = 2.3 yds). With our specific state of the art MedX flexibility and strength conditioning equipment our system greatly improves club head speed by producing:

  • More Range of Motion
  • Wider Arc
  • More Shoulder Turn
  • More Torque


As Butch Harmon says – “When the right shoulder is pointed towards the target at finish you know you have hit a good shot”. Our equipment and system provides for enhanced full-range of movement, hence:

  • A stronger, full follow-through
  • Keeps clubhead on line with the target longer

If you’re able to accomplish this, you have to hit a straighter shot; you can’t help but hit a straighter shot.


Stay fresh & focused for 18 holes and beyond, through:

  • Increased muscular endurance
  • (Simply stated) Less effort = less fatigue
  • The practical advantage of added flexibility and strength
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