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Back injury opens door to growth – Gold Coast Bulletin

A career-ending rugby injury proved to be a major catalyst for Cameron Bracewell, setting him on a new path in…

A career-ending rugby injury proved to be a major catalyst for Cameron Bracewell, setting him on a new path in the healthcare industry. Mr. Bracewell, director of Functional Health and son of former New Zealand cricket coach John Bracewell, came to Australia in 2006 to play rugby union. […]

I own the business and physiotherapists do the work. I almost like to call myself a patient liaison officer. I’ve been there, I know what debilitating back pain is like.

Functional Health mission is to offer an enriching, life-changing experience that will make them a permanent component of your life. They are dedicated to your improvement by providing the world’s best medical exercise equipment MedX.

MedX is advanced rehabilitation equipment researched and developed over twenty years in conjunction with the Centre for Health and Human Performance, Exercise Science and Colleges of Medicine, University of Florida and at the UCSD Schools of Medicine.

However described, MedX, the world’s leading medical exercise equipment, is the first and only physical therapy able to safely strengthen and restore function of the spine. MedX devices feature elaborate and patented restraint mechanisms to isolate, target and accurately measure results.

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