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Welcome Back Andrew Waring

Team member in 2013 Functional Health is excited to welcome former Physio, Andrew Waring back to the team. Andrew worked…

Team member in 2013

Functional Health is excited to welcome former Physio, Andrew Waring back to the team. Andrew worked for Functional Health as a Physiotherapist in 2013 before pursuing opportunities within Professional Sport.

Professional Athletes Sports Physio

In Andrews time away from FH, he has worked with some of Australia’s best and most successful athletes. Athletes of the Australian Olympic Swimming Team, NRL and AFL all sought Andrews skills. Andrew has also spent time in Indonesia working within the professional surfing community and more recently in Japan, providing Physiotherapy to a number of internationals playing in Japan’s top tier rugby competition. Despite his busy profile, Andrew has successfully graduated his Masters of Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy.

Future Goals

Andrew has set a number of goals for the upcoming years. Some professional goals are to become involved in the Gold Coast “weekend athlete” population. Working within the local community to deliver a service, ensuring that individuals can continue to participate in the physical activities they love, is very much part of the ‘big picture’ Andrew is keen to be part of. Although Andrews career has taken him around the World, he has never forgotten where his home is . Feeling the need to return to the Gold Coast again and enjoy what our beautiful home and its lifestyle has to offer. Andrew has fit perfectly back into the Functional Health team. With his skills, experience and leadership qualities,  Andrew proves to be an exceptional addition to our already fantastic team of Health Professionals.

If you have an injury or concern that you feel may need the expertise of a Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, Call Us or Book Online with Andrew Waring to take the most important step to recovery.

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