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Lower Back Pain: The Importance Of Core Strength

Back Pain & Core Strength

Lower Back Pain | The importance of Core Strength Lower back pain is probably one of the most common medical conditions in Australia, which can effect individuals of all ages. Lower back pain is often a very complex issue, with…

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As Health Professionals, We Are Constantly Asked About Our Opinions On The Latest Products And Techniques To Improve Athlete Preparation, Performance And Recovery.

Athlete Preparation, Performance and Recovery

Athlete Preparation, Performance and Recovery | How to be 100%, consistently As health professionals, we are constantly asked about our opinions on the latest products and techniques to improve athlete preparation, performance and recovery. The simple answer to these questions…

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Spine Health For Over 50’s

Introducing 100% Health

We are often told “Your health is the most important investment you can make”, however, it is often easier said than done. With living costs at an all-time high, most Australians are forced to put their own health at the…

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Golf Fitness

Healthy Ageing

At Functional Health we strongly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to age in a healthy and happy manner. We strive to assist you in this respect and enable you to take control while living a fruitful and fulfilling…

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Osteoporosis is a worldwide condition which affects approx. 9 million people. There are many factors contributing to the development of osteoporosis including exercise, diet, smoking and medications. The condition diminishes your bone density and therefore your bones become weak and…

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Office Pain In The Neck... And Shoulders

Office Pain in the Neck… and Shoulders

When people think of a neck injury, you usually picture a car accident or a sporting injury, however most neck pain or other symptoms are associated with work related posture and overuse injuries. Many people spend days on end sitting…

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Menopause And Low Back Pain

Menopause and Low Back Pain

Throughout menopause many hormonal changes occur in the body. This has many effects on the body including weight changes, hot flushes, fatigue, lower bone density, urinary incontinence or joint and muscle pains. Studies indicate the prevalence of Low Back Pain…

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Low Back Pain In Sporting Adolescents

Low Back Pain in Sporting Adolescents

Throughout adolescence various growth and hormone changes occurs which places unwanted stress on a not fully developed body. Surprisingly up to 70% of adolescents will report experiencing Low Back Pain (LBP) at some point, which is concerning due to the…

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Advantages Of Golf Fitness

Advantages of Golf Fitness

Golfers struggling to improve their game, traditionally seek advice and coaching from their ‘club pro’. Golf professionals look to improve a players swing, grip and shot selection amongst other technical components of the game. Ongoing coaching however, can be expensive,…

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