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At Functional Health we utilise and are operational experts of the world’s most technically advanced medical exercise equipment, MedX. The Functional Health team of both Health Professionals and MedX Specialists are dedicated to improving the quality of life for all Australians.

Functional Health has the most complete range of MedX machines in Australia and all programs are 30 minute appointment based sessions normally twice a week.

Physiotherapy Gold Coast


Physiotherapy is a therapeutic health profession concerned with assessing, diagnosing, treating, and working to prevent disability through a variety of suitable hands on treatments and exercise prescription. Physiotherapists are university educated health practitioners and are highly knowledgeable in movement and function.

Corporate Physiotherapy – Gold Coast

Corporate Physiotherapy

Corporate Physiotherapy is access to a Physiotherapist at your office, which makes Physiotherapy treatment accessible for employees and staff. Functional Health Corporate Physiotherapy is aimed at educating staff and employees about their injury concerns, and self-management strategies which has the objective of reducing dependence on manual treatment from Physiotherapists.

Physiotherapy – Core Spinal System

Core Spinal System

Weakness of the muscles surrounding the spine lead to a number of conditions directly related to back and neck pain. The only safe and effective way of strengthening them is through isolation and full range movement with a resistance matching your physiological strength curve. Only MedX machines can achieve this.

Golf Fitness Gold Coast

Golf Fitness

The number one orthopedic complaint among golfers of all ages is back pain. The practical advantage of MedX’s added flexibility, strength and endurance makes the Functional Health/MedX Core Spinal System a favorite among golfers and golf professionals.


Better Breathing

Difficulty in breathing can be a major limiting factor in all aspects of life. Whether you experience shortness of breath during physical activity, mild exertion or day to day activities, this can be improved through the better breathing program. By making use of the power breathe and shaker devices to improve respiratory mechanics, breathlessness can be reduced leading to an improved physical capacity.


Functional Health for over 40's

Significantly improve your Quality of Life through rejuvenated metabolic rate, increased full range strength and mobility, and therefore; greater physical performance. A medically based safe, effective and time efficient program for complete physical improvement. Our programs use MedX, the world’s most technically advanced medical exercise machines

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