Our Services

Functional Health has developed programs and treatments designed to reduce pain, improve function and dramatically improve quality of life. Our friendly health professionals and support staff truly do care about our patients and go above and beyond to achieve results.

If you have an injury or concern that has been affecting your lifestyle, give us a call and someone would be happy to discuss a program or treatment that would best suit you. All our programs and treatments are conducted by experienced and university qualified health professionals.


Physiotherapy is Australia’s preferred primary health care treatment, every day physios are helping thousands of Australians return to a normal pain-free life-style. Physiotherapists are trained to diagnose and treat physical injuries and conditions, as well as, providing patients with treatment plans, time frames and communicating closely with medical doctors and other medical professionals.

Functional Health’s Physiotherapists use proven treatments and techniques designed to reduce both long term and short-term pain, as well as reducing the risk of further injury. All Physiotherapy treatment at Functional Health is one on one, with an experienced and fully qualified Physiotherapist, dedicated and passionate about achieving results.

All private health funds accepted and with the appropriate referrals and approvals bulk billing applies for Medicare, Workcover, DVA, Third Party Insurance and NDIS.

MedX Core Spinal Program

Reduce or Eliminate Back & Neck Pain using MedX, the world’s most technically advanced medical exercise equipment, designed to eliminate back and neck pain as well as safely improving spine function and full body performance.

Thousands of Australian’s have found long term relief from Functional Health’s MedX Core Spinal System. Many of our patients have come to Functional Health having spent countless hours working with Allied Health Professionals, who at best are achieving short term results. Functional Health’s team of Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists are dedicated to reducing your pain and improving your quality of life permanently.

All MedX sessions are conducted under the supervision of an experienced and fully qualified Exercise Physiologist and/or Physiotherapist. Private Health and Medicare rebates may apply.

Exercise Physiology

Dramatically improve health through safe and effective exercise with a university qualified health professional. Patients improve general health, full body function, strength, bone density, balance and coordination through exercise physiology.

Exercise Physiologist are allied health professionals focusing on the identification and treatment of dysfunction in the human body. Our experienced Exercise Physiologists use exercise prescription to help manage a variety of sub-acute and chronic health conditions as well as promoting healthy ageing and an improved quality of life.

Exercise Physiologists are university qualified health professionals trained in the management of musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary, neurological, degenerative and metabolic conditions. Patients at Functional Health have the added advantage of utilising the World’s most technically advance medical exercise machines “MedX” giving Functional Health’s MedX program a great reputation amongst local GP’s and other Medical Professionals on the Gold Coast.

100% Health

The 100% Health Program is designed to completely eliminate pain, restore function and dramatically improve your quality of life all for the price of a daily coffee. 100% Health offers all the appropriate hands-on treatment and rehabilitation required for both acute and chronic injuries or conditions. Quality intensive Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology is now accessible for All Australians.

The rapidly rising costs of health care treatment is leaving thousands of Australian’s accepting pain as part of their life. With treatments such as Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology ranging between $75.00-$150.00 per appointment and private health rebates insignificant, everyday Australians simply cannot afford the treatment they require to make substantial progress with injuries and conditions. Functional Health’s vision is to “Create Functional Independence for all Australian’s”.

Other FH Programs

Home Visit Services – Functional Health’s team of experienced Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists will happily provide home visits. Functional Health’s health professionals can provide hands on treatment as well as set up injury management and home exercise programs.

Golf Fitness – The number one orthopedic complaint among golfers of all ages is back pain. The practical advantage of MedX’s added flexibility, strength and endurance makes the Functional Health/MedX Core Spinal System a favorite among both social golfers and golf professionals.

Better Breathing – Difficulty breathing can be a major limiting factor in all aspects of life. If experiencing shortness of breath during physical activity, mild exertion or day to day activities, the Better Breathing Program is for you. Help improve the performance of your lungs and dramatically improve your quality of life. The program has been utilised word wide since 2006.

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