100% Health

The rapid rising costs of health care treatment has left thousands of Australians accepting pain as part of their life. With treatments such as Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology ranging between $75.00-$150.00 per appointment and private health rebates insignificant, everyday Australians simply cannot afford the treatment they require to make substantial progress with more complex and stubborn injuries and conditions. Functional Health’s vision is to “Create Functional Independence for All Australian’s”.

Functional Health has established a great reputation amongst local GP’s and medical professionals on the Gold Coast. The team of experienced and skilled health professionals truly care about your health and go above and beyond to help their patients achieve real results.

With the appropriate Government funding for the rehabilitation of chronic injuries or conditions being virtually non-existent, Functional Health is now offering Australia’s most affordable and comprehensive rehabilitation program.

The 100% Health Program is designed to completely eliminate pain, restore function and dramatically improve your quality of life all for less than the price of a daily coffee. 100% Health offers all the appropriate hands-on treatment and rehabilitation required for both acute and chronic injuries or conditions. Quality intensive Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology is now accessible for All Australians.

Intensive Treatment for intensive on-going treatment for stubborn chronic injuries, post-surgery, surgery prevention.

Continued Lifestyle for continued treatment and injury prevention

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Get access to all the required physiotherapy and exercise physiology, for about the cost of a daily coffee.

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