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This program is designed to suit both ladies and gentlemen of ANY fitness level. Goals may vary from improving that golf swing, weight management though to returning to that active lifestyle you once had. The MedX devices have ability to vary its resistance and isolate target muscle groups, it is this as well as the supervision of well trained health professionals that insures results are achieved each and every session.

Physiotherapy - Functional Health for Over 40’s

If you have had no experience with exercise, you are a current athlete or maybe somewhere in between, this program will improve your performance and as well as improving your quality of life.

The facts about being over 40.

  • The average person has lost approximately 4.55kg of muscle condition.
  • Gained 13.65kg of fat.
  • percentage of body fat has gone from around 15% to 37% as a result body fat has risen by 9.1kg.
  • Your metabolic rate has been decreasing at about 5% a year since your 20s.

The end result is your flexibility, strength & range of motion is diminishing but your waistline and hips are not. That golf swing is not as good, the run up the stairs make you puff and what you used to do all night now takes you all night to do.

Benefits of the Over 40’s program

A medically based, safe, effective and time efficient system for complete physical improvement. Supported by outstanding scientific evidence.

The program uses MedX the worlds most technically advanced medical exercise and functional resistance equipment. MedX can produce improved flexibility, full range of strength, increased stamina and raised metabolic rate in less than 30 mins no more than 3 times a week.

Specialised 10 week over 40’s health & well-being program:

  • Reshape your physique by losing 9.5kg in exess body fat.
  • Flatten your belly by eliminating 6cm from your waist.
  • Firm arms, chest, thighs & buttocks.
  • Increase your strength by up to 200% or more
  • Increase energy, fat loss, flexibility and stamina in the fastest, safest way possible.
  • total supervision, expert nutritional and dietary planning.
  • a certified results chart at the end of the program.
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