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Low Back Pain In Sporting Adolescents

Low Back Pain in Sporting Adolescents

Throughout adolescence various growth and hormone changes occurs which places unwanted stress on a not fully developed body. Surprisingly up to 70% of adolescents will report experiencing Low Back Pain (LBP) at some point, which is concerning due to the link to developing chronic low back pain throughout adulthood. However on a positive note through early intervention with a physiotherapist or other relevant health professionals, over…

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Post-Pregnancy And Low Back Pain - Gold Coast Physio

Post-Pregnancy and Low Back Pain

Low back pain (LBP) following pregnancy is a common complaint of numerous mothers and this can last months or even years after the term of the pregnancy. Over 50% of women reported experiencing LBP during or following their pregnancy, so…

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5 Ways Physiotherapy Can Improve Your Life

5 Ways Physiotherapy can Improve Your Life

Have you been in an accident that leaves you with pain on damp days, or permanent mobility limitations? Are you overweight or advancing in age and notice that you don't move as well or as easily as you used to? Regardless of the reasons why, being aware that you…

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Nursing And Carers - High Risk Industry Chronic LBP

Nursing and Carers – High Risk Industry Chronic LBP

Do you have trouble with bending, lifting, twist or conducting daily duties at work? Are you constantly experiencing numbness, weakness or pain? Nurses and carers are considered some of the most stressed and over worked employees due to the tireless demands and hours required within the industry. The combination of no sleep, understaffing, overtime and night shifts place a…

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Spine Health For Over 50’s

Spine health for over 50’s

Things have changed over the last 50 years when it comes to aging. Here are some statistics: Average life expectancy of Australians1: Males: Increased from 68 to 80 years of age Females: Increased from 74 to 84 years of age1 Within that same period, the proportion of the population over 50 years of age has increased by…

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