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Vestibular Physiotherapy

Do you Suffer from Vertigo or Dizziness? These symptoms are more common than you think, with approximately 30% of the population experiencing dizziness, vertigo or feeling off balance. In the elderly population, it has been found that people who report having dizziness or vertigo have a 12x increased chance of falling.

More than just another Physiotherapist

Can Physiotherapy help with my Dizziness or Vertigo?

Vestibular Physiotherapy is a type of rehabilitation which has shown to be a safe and effective way to reduce the severity and impact of vertigo and improve people’s quality of life.

Vestibular Physiotherapy is suitable for the following conditions

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)
Vestibular Neuritis
Vestibular Labyrinthitis
Meiners Disease
Acoustic Neuroma removal
Migraine disorders
Cervicogenic dizziness
Vertigo following head injury or stroke
Dizziness due to being in public places
Chronic dizziness

What would an Initial Consultation include?

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Your initial consultation will include a full hour appointment with our Physiotherapist who has completed additional advanced training within this area. At Functional Health, we have the luxury of having infrared video eye recording glasses which increases the efficiency and accuracy of your assessment and diagnosis. This information is then used to create an individualised home program that is tailored for your specific goals and problem.

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